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Working With Pediatrician

Look for resources that can help you and your child understand what is going on.
There are been a number of resources that are useful for parents:

Doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, and even pharmacies have pamphlets about various conditions – including bedwetting. These pamphlets can give you a general introduction to bedwetting, outline some commonly-used treatment options, and generally help you understand bedwetting.

Since you will already have lots of information from these posts, keep your eyes open for pamphlets about bedwetting that are designed for children. Written for children, these pamphlets tend to explain that problem in simple terms.

Pharmacies and some doctors or specialists have videos available that clearly discuss bedwetting. These videos use understandable language and plenty of visual information to inform parents and children alike about how the body works. It is sometimes useful to see pictures of the urinary system and to see the actual bedwetting treatments – seeing something visually can help with understanding.

•Clinics or Specialists
Health care professionals can answer your specific questions about bedwetting and your child, and so should not be overlooked as possible sources of information. Medical professionals also often have access to all sorts of information and resources. Asking your medical professional “where can I get more information about this?” will generally give a treasure trove of reliable and accessible resources.

The media writes about health issues all the time, and there is plenty of reason to pay attention. First, the media will often report on new treatments and products that may help your child. It may also help your child to see that a subject is written about and that others suffer from the same problem.

•Online sites and groups
Online resources are not always reliable, and so should be treated with some caution. Although some online resources about bedwetting are written by professionals, some are written about ordinary people who may know less about bedwetting than you do. Trust online information only from sources that you have confidence in.

On the other hand, online resources are very plentiful and are easy to look up. One type of online resource that many parents have found helpful is the online forum or chat. In this online area, parents can discuss health problems and health solutions.

Although, again, you have no way of knowing who you are speaking with and so need to exercise caution, many parents find that the sympathy and support they get from online groups helps them deal with a child who is wetting the bed.

Online speakers can also have some ideas about bedwetting and suggestions for specific problems (such as the best cleaners to use to eliminate odor or thrifty ways to save on sheets). As long as you use your common sense and some caution for online chat, you can find online forums informative and supportive.

•Other parents or relatives
Many families have at least a few people in the family who wet the bed. Talking to other parents about bedwetting often brings plenty of support and even some useful advice.

You should never discuss your child’s bedwetting with another person without your child’s knowledge. However, if your family is already aware of the problem you can often get useful information about what methods worked for children and what doctors or professionals in your area seem to have a high success rate in treating Enuresis.

Often, other parents and relatives will tell you information that others cannot know – the fact that a certain alarm is too high-pitched to work or that a certain brand of absorbent underpants has a special feature that make them useful. Those in the know often have great insights.

Pharmacists have plenty of information about all sorts of ailments and treatments. If your child is taking any medications for bedwetting at all (including herbal or all-natural medicine) then you need to talk to a pharmacist to see whether the medication will interfere with any other medication (including over the counter drugs). Your pharmacist can help keep your child safe while he or she learns to control bedwetting.

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