More Bedwetting Tips

Understand all risks before you begin
Some methods of bedwetting treatment have almost no risks (think of the honey cure or visualization, for example). Some are risky when administered improperly (alternative or holistic medicine, chiropractic therapy) and some are risky (all medications carry risks of side effects). Make sure that you understand what can go wrong with each treatment before you begin it. Make sure that you can cope with the eventuality if it happens.

Of course, you should try low-risk options (behavior modification, for example) before higher risk options (such as medication). It makes sense to keep your child safe, especially if the bedwetting issue can be resolved with no possible injury. Move onto riskier methods if the low-risk methods do not seem to be working after a few weeks.

Keep your eye on the big picture
As you browse through this ebook, you may be excited that so many possible solutions exist for bedwetting. However, do not focus on these tips so much that you lose track.

Your main goal is to make your child feel comfortable and to help your child feel happy.

If you can do this with methods for getting rid of bedwetting, then great. However, putting the focus on your child first means that you will not lose track of your child’s comfort level as your try to help your child stop wetting the bed.

Love your child
If you are reading this book and trying to help your child, then you likely don’t need to be told – but does your child? Children who are experiencing bedwetting and treatment for the problem often experience great upheavals of emotions.

They need your love more than ever, and they especially need to be told that they are loved – right now. Being affectionate and loving with your child will help reassure your child more than anything that he or she is still loved and accepted. This can help give your child the strength to get over teasing and the other problems associated with bedwetting.

Don’t just assume your child knows you love them – especially if you have been short-tempered with them concerning bed wetting or bedwetting treatment. Tell them.