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Bedwetting Medication

Bedwetting Medication

If your child wets the bed, you will want to try behavior modification first. However, for some children who wet the bed frequently, there are medication options available. Before deciding to give your child medication, carefully weigh the risks and advantages, as many medications or drugs have side effects: DDAVP (Desmopressin Acetate) can help some…

Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification simply means that you train your child or teach your child to wake up in time to go to the bathroom. Behavior modification is considered the most effective way to help a child with bedwetting, as it actually teaches a child to wake up “in time” rather than just treating the symptoms of…

Bedwetting Tips

Initial Tips for Bedwetting

There are some tips you will want to adopt right away in order to deal with bedwetting in your household: Work on Sensitivity One of the biggest impacts of bedwetting on your child is an emotional one, so you should work on making sure that your household is sensitive to your child’s situation. No one…


Have Bedwetting Kid?

When bed-wetting becomes a problem in your home, what do you do? Often times when a child is wetting his or her bed, the reason is due either to an undiagnosed medical condition or due to psychological effects. As a parent, you will want to find out what is happening with your child so that…

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