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More Bedwetting Tips

More Bedwetting Tips

Be patient This is the advice most often given to parents about children’s bedwetting. Although it is difficult advice to follow, it is also sound advice to a point. Since bedwetting often corrects itself in part or in full with time, a combination of some treatments and some patience is often necessary for success. When…

Pre-Teen Bedwetting

Pre-Teens, Teenagers Bedwetting

A small number of pre-teens and teens still wet the bed, and for these children, the problem can be quite upsetting. Since far few children in this age group wet the bed, Enuresis can be especially isolating for this age group. Also, children at this age worry especially often about image and external appearance -…

Bedwetting Working Tips

Tips Worked for Other Parents

Those who know a lot about bedwetting options, remedies and treatments are often those parents who have struggled with the problem with their own children. There are many alternative or less-used bedwetting remedies used by parents to help treat the problem. Some are backed by research, others are used simply because they work for some…

bedwetting alarm

Bedwetting Devices and Tools

Many manufacturers have created products to make bedwetting less traumatic. These devices and tools can make bedwetting less embarrassing and can make cleanup or activities such as camping easier. However, they should be used with treatment rather than a substitute for it as most of these products will not cure bedwetting themselves: Choose the right…


Working With Pediatrician

Your pediatrician will be an important part of dealing with bedwetting. However, since medical health professionals are so busy today, you will want to make sure that you approach your child’s physician in a way that ensures maximum cooperation. Here are some tips that can help you communicate with your child’s pediatrician in a way…

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